Red Hot Chili Peppers



The Story Behind The Peppers

In 1973 at the age of eleven, Anthony Kiedis left his hometown Grand Rapids to live with his father in Los Angeles. Here at his primary school he met an Australian from New York, also 11, Flea (Michael Balzary) and quickly became best friends. Around 1978 Flea and Anthony made their first band Los Faces. Then they joined forces with another pair of best friends Jack Irons and Hillel Slovak and formed a band called Chain Reaction together with Alain Johannes and later renamed their band to Anthym and then again to What it this? Then Anthony formed his own band called Tony Flow and the miraculously majestic masters of mayhem with Flea, Jack and Hillel, they then later changed their names to Red Hot Chili Peppers and were signed up to a recording contract with EMI America in 1984 to record their first Album, only to find that Jack and Hillel had gone back to the What it this? and signed up to a rival recording contract. So Flea and Anthony had to join up with Jack Sherman and Cliff Martinez. They called their first album Red Hot Chili Peppers and was released in August 1984.

Hillel Slovak returned replacing Jack Sherman and George Clinton also joined just for the second album which they called Freaky Styley. That album was a huge success and attracted many fans, especially one 16 year old who claimed himself to be their no#1 fan, this boy John Frusciante followed them everyone and idolized each one of the band members, especially Hillel Slovak.

The band then released their third album The uplift mofo plan which was huge. The band then released their first compilation album which the named The Abbey Road EP.

Sadly on the 25th of July 1988, Hillel Slovak died from a drug overdose which made the band stop working on what would've been The Rockin' freakapotamus. This changed the lives of all the band members and Anthony, who took his death very hardly had also been taking drugs and managed to quit. Jack Irons who had been his best friend had many nervous breakdowns and was hospitalized for long periods of time only to later join pearl jam.

With only 2 members in the band again Anthony and Flea took on board former fan John Frusciante, amazed by his exceptional guitarist work and they also found an amazing drummer by the name of Chad Smith.
They then released a new album
blood sugar sex magik which was huge and has been rated the RHCP best album of all time which includes the huge hits Give it away and under the bridge. John quit the band in the middle of a Japanese tour and was replaced by Dave Navarro for 6 years.

During the years that John was not a part of the band he went on a down hill road getting heavily addicted to many drugs especially Cocaine and Heroine, his habit turned into a 500 a day addiction. Sooner or later he went completely broke despite all the millions he had made on their Blood Sugar Sex Magik album. So what did he do? "Then I did what I had to do", and doing what he had to do meant getting drug dealers to front him thousands and thousands of dollars worth of their product. And sooner or later, the drug dealers wanted their money and of course, John didn't have it. So he went into hiding, these people were out to kill him, but obviously they didn't. He found the money and he gave up drugs for good. This is when he started to do all his paintings. If you ask me his paintings show a lot of information of what he was going through at the time by the colours and lines he used. They look kinda scary and i think the word psychotic describes them fairly well. To see his paintings go to my Photo Gallery Page.

After John's recovery he came back to the RHCP taking his old place again and they released Californication in 1999. Many critics said the band had gone soft because their new album was so different but to others they realised that the band had matured and the quality of their songs had risen. Then in 2002 the band released their next album, By the way which had the same feel as Californication and was a huge success all over the world. The Chili peppers most recent album is Their Greatest Hits which has also been a huge success.

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