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Dave Navarro

I thought i would do a page all about Dave Navarro as he did shape the way the chili peppers play their music, he gave them a new kind of feel to the band, and i also thought i'd do a page on him because he's just such a strange person. **Warning!** When you scroll down your gonna see a picture of Dave and Carmen Looking dead, its not too bad but it is pretty scary, so if you don't wanna see it don't scroll down!**

Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro, ex-member of Janes addiction was asked to join up to funk/rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992 to help them tour at the Lollapalooza music festival because of the depature of John Frusciantebut he declined because he wanted to be in the writing process of the songs not just play them and also because he had just toured at lollapalooza the year before with Janes Addiction.
Although the next year in 1993 the Chili Peppers asked him again and he accepted. Dave featured in Album One Hot Minute along with many single releases from other albums.

Dave Navarro is known for being a really monothical dark being which is understandable. The inside of his house sounds really freaky, he has skulls on his mantelpiece, an Andy Warhol picture entitled "Electric Chair" (self explantory), the coffee table is a coffin and he has a human skeleton hanging next to his bed and one in his downstairs studio.
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At one point, Navarro excuses himself and reappears moments later, a big, black shotgun in his grip. "It's for protection," he says reassuringly as he snaps open the ammunition chamber to show that the gun isn't loaded. "Imagine you're a robber. First you hear this," he says, releasing the safety catch with a loud click. "Then you see this," he continues, flicking on the weapon's barrel-mounted flashlight, which emits a beam so piercing that it would paralyze a would-be intruder with fear, blindness and confusion. "That's the point," says Navarro. "You don't want to shoot people."

At least we know he wouldn't actually shoot anyone...but am i right in saying that it still kind of seems strange? Well anyway..i'm not here to judge but to inform.

Although i think that his strange sense of housing decorations and weird behaviour can be explained. At the age of 15 his mum and Aunty were murdered by his mum's boyfriend, anyone who lives through this kind of trauma has every right to have a dark side to them.
Also his break up with Carmen Electra didn't go down very well, Dave admitting that  it was a really hard time for him in his life. To the right are pictures of their wedding, and the picture of them looking dead is their wedding invitation taking the line of 'til death do us part' quite literally but as we already know thats not the way it turned out. Sorry if the photo of them looking dead grossed you out because it really is pretty disgusting.

A big thanks to Jess W for finding this information for me.
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