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Official Red Hot Chili Peppers site

The official RHCP site has all the latest information, tour dates, merchandise,

Red Hot Chili Peppers

A cool site with stacks of info on each of the band members and a discography!

Chili Head

An awesome website with heaps of stuff on each of the band member including all of their tatoos, lyrics, discography, tour dates etc.

Anthony Kiedis Fanlisting

A Fanlisting sites with stacks of other Fan Sites all dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Matt's Red Hot Chili peppers page has images, midi, chat, forum, lyrics to every song, drum tabs, guitar tabs, bass tabs, tour dates, discography, sheet music, sound clips, Realaudio, bio, and links.

The 1st Greek RHCP site

This is a Greek RHCP fansite that has rare mp3's, interviews, band updates, discography, 500+ images and much more!

Includes Picture Gallery, Reviews and much more! Go check it out!
Silky's Home

A really good website with all different kinds of things, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Competitions, Awards, Witchy things and much more!! Its a really interesting site so don't forget to drop in!

On Mercury

A really good fansite with heaps of rare audio, lyrics, frequently updated and much more! Check it out!

A cool website for a band of their own which they've named Tesco! They've got bits of their own music on it, photos and gig dates!

This is the coolest site around! Its not on the Chili Peppers but its on the Foo Fighters!! It contains a full band bio, Discography, frequent updates and heaps more! Definately worth a look at!

Nsoft & Stuff

This is a cool webpage with heaps of different things such as games, lyrics (inc Rhcp!), cheats to pc games and much more! Its definately worth a look!

Music Brain
A Really good fansite with everything you want about the RHCP! Go check it out!

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